Saya percaya jika anda menghuru-harakan dengan Malaysia, anda dihuru-harakan oleh John F Seademon.

Hari ini, beliau telah menyerahkan dokumen kepada polis dan membuat laporan:

Laporan dibuat terhadap DAP dan portal berita kerana dakwaan ada kaitan dengan George Soros.

A Police Report  (John F Seademon)

I lodged a police report today on an exposé made by the DC Leaks not too long ago.
I finally got to read and was alarmed by it yesterday and quickly got in touch with a friend and we decided on lodging a police report

Although I know that the police has begun an investigation into the links, I saw a similar pattern that needs to be investigated. The report among others is to look into the authenticity of the document as well as to enable the police to see the similar patterns and tie them together.

With the help of a good journalist friend we had some journalists covering the ‘event’ and we were fair as we allowed representation from whichever side of the fence to ask questions.
In DC Leaks (photo at the top), there was an internal OSF document where Premesh Chandran was listed as the Chairman of the advisory committee for Malaysia to OSF.

Premesh is the co-founder and current CEO of online portal Malaysiakini. His name appearing in the OSF document suggests that he is, at the time of the document being published, colluding with Soros to bring about a forced and undemocratic change of government.

The document’s title is Shared Frameworks Proposed Contributions to 2014-2017 Strategies. Obviously funds are still coming in to effect change in Malaysia as the previous general elections was in 2013.
And the Malaysian Chair for OSF’s Southeast Asia Initiative is interested in the topic of ‘election integrity.’

OSF documents also show that they admit funding and controlling the International Renaissance Front (IRF) based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which is acknowledged as the key mover to Ukraine’s bloody 2014 revolution.

The 2014 revolution led to hundreds of deaths and missing people in the rallies and led to civil war and breakup of Ukraine – which has killed another 8,000 people and still continuing.

This Ukraine was also led to the shooting down of our MH17.

In that same document, it stated that in Malaysia, the Chair of the OSF advisory committee is the founder of MalaysiaKini (which OSF indirectly owns and control 29% shares).

Interestingly, YM Tunku Abdul Aziz also pointed out that the Red Bean Army is also funded by foreigners.

Tunku Aziz, who was DAP national vice-chairman from August 2008 until he resigned in disgust in May 2012 would certainly have detailed inside information of DAP and their RBA.

The DAP has always disassociated itself from the RBA. However, Wechat or whatsapp voice chat admission supposedly from the Kedah DAP Youth Chief Tan Jia Hao (JH Tan) shows an admission that the Red Bean Army (RBA) cybertroopers are indeed DAP and Pakatan’s troops on social media for the purpose of attacking BN supporters which they call Chow Kows or running dogs and will not attack their own people.

The conversation seems to be about Mr Tan clarifying to his friend on why a certain person was attacked by the RBA recently – where he claims that the RBA has caused great harm to that person.
To be fair to all parties, it is imperative that the police probe and investigate these links.

Let me say this: if it is change that you want, do so in a democratic manner. The last thing you should do is to support organisations that are themselves the Chow Kow for foreigners.

That if true, in my opinion, is bordering treason. And I shall not stand and watch my country get run by puppets of foreign powers.

Dana Soros: Lagi Laporan Polis Terhadap DAP, Portal Berita  (MStar)

KUALA LUMPUR: Bekas pegawai Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia, Kapten Abdul Rahmat Omar Tun Mohd Haniff membuat laporan polis terhadap pengasas Malaysiakini, Premesh Chandran dan ‘Red Bean Army’ DAP kerana menggunakan dana asing untuk menentang kerajaan.

Abdul Rahmat yang kini menjadi perunding keselamatan berkata, dia melayari internet dan menemui satu artikel DC Leak yang mendakwa Open Society Foundations (OSF) milik jutawan George Soros telah menyalurkan dana kepada organisasi tempatan.

“Kandungan dokumen itu adalah serius dan saya berpendapat bahawa warga asing tidak boleh terlibat dalam proses demokrasi di negara ini,” kata Abdul Rahmat kepada pemberita di luar balai polis Jalan Tun Razak pada Khamis.

“Hal ehwal negara kita seharusnya dibiarkan kepada rakyat kita sendiri tidak kira parti politik mana yang disokong,” katanya.

Jika terdapat apa-apa perubahan perlu dibuat kepada negara, Abdul Rahmat berkata ia hendaklah dilakukan melalui cara demokratik.

“Ada beberapa pihak yang ingin melakukan perubahan melalui proses yang tidak demokratik dan tidak betul.

Katanya, beliau mahu pihak polis menyiasat kesahihan dokumen DC Leak dan untuk melihat jika terdapat kebenaran berhubung dakwaan yang dibuat.

Abdul Rahmat berkata ini adalah kali pertama beliau membuat laporan polis sebagai “warganegara prihatin” tanpa bersekutu dengan sesiapa.

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